BVG – My Berlin paintings were featured everyday for a week on their Instagram channel which has 225k followers

BBC – an animation was featured in the weekly Kermode and Mayo Film Review podcast, a top ten UK podcast, I was also featured on their twitter channel

Modern Met – My sketchbook work has been featured on a couple of occasions to their audience of 14m monthly visitors, one article here

Voi – My sculpture was featured on their social media channels



Adidas – I was commissioned by About Kokomo to create 6 paintings which were displayed in Adidas’ flagship store in Berlin.

DeviantArt– I was commissioned to create 3 site wide animations to celebrate the launch of new versions of the platform and various holidays. DeviantArt is currently one of the biggest art communities online currently with over 75m users

Eidos – I produced numerous web and social graphics, corporate assets and animations to promote the best selling Championship Manager franchise. 

Native Instruments – I produced numerous graphics and illustrations for social and merchandise, as well as animations to promote the launch of the new STEMS Traktor platform.

Square Enix – I produced assets for internal corporate comms as well as social media illustrations. 

Crazy Bastard – I was commissioned to create a sculpture which is installed in the restaurant.

CDU – I created campaign illustrations for a local politician of the Bundestag